An Ear To The Ground

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An Ear To The Ground: Garden Science For Ordinary Mortals is the perfect book for any gardener who truly wants to get their green-fingers in an ecological way. Ken Thompson's easy to read book explains the science and environmental impact of gardening in a concise and entertaining way.

Getting in tune with nature

An Ear To The Ground is Ken Thompson's illuminating and engaging guide to the science behind gardening for beginners to seasoned gardeners. Just some of the questions he answers include: How did plants get to be the way they are? Why do they have pretty flowers? Why are Latin names so complicated, and why Latin anyway? Why is a weed-free lawn an ecological impossibility?

This is a botanical guide with a great message behind it: that a little knowledge is no bad thing, and that it can make you a better gardener. An Ear To The Ground is a witty and lively read which makes a great present for any green-fingered friend or family member.


  • 'An excellent read for the beginner gardener who wants to understand the science of gardening without getting bogged down in formulae and graphs.' - The Times.
  • 'This neat little book will bring peace of mind from worries about weeds, pests and pruning for all those anxious gardeners who'd rather be up at the allotment than down on the beach.' - Daily Mail.
  • 'Refreshingly down-to-earth guide' - Red.
  • 'This amusing and very useful book is a must for any gardener, whether highly knowledgeable or rank amateur.' - Good Book Guide.


Plant ecologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield Ken Thompson has written over 100 articles in scientific journals. A keen gardener for many years, Ken became increasingly interested in the ecology of gardens and the promotion of science to the general public.

Product Details

  • A beautifully designed hardback book that explains the popular science behind your garden.
  • A witty and factual book that will entertain and inform any new gardener.
  • ISBN-13 9781903919194
  • Published by Transworld in February 2006.
  • Size: 178 x 126mm.
  • 208 pages.

  • Manufactured by: Transworld