A Life Stripped Bare

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A Life Stripped Bare: Tiptoeing Through The Ethical Minefield is Guardian columnist Leo Hickman's entertaining diary of a year trying to make the ethical choice at every turn in his family's life. This is not only guide on how to live more ethically, but the sharing of a deeply personal experience.

Not easy being green

A Life Stripped Bare is an honest and engaging diary of one man's attempt to change his life for the better. Examining the issues of the day in depth, Leo Hickman manages to make these ethical issues approachable. His solutions are always practical and this is a very useful read for anyone wanting to get green in the home. A Life Stripped Bare is the amusing and always informative account of Leo's well-intentioned and largely successful year in which he changed his life. This also contains correspondence from Guardian readers trying to do the same and anecdotes about being green with children.


  • 'Not a preachy guide but the diary of a struggle - through the myriad uses of bicarbonate of soda; instructions for assembling a wormery and a visit from three ethical auditors.' - Carol McDaid, Observer.
  • 'An eminently sensible and heart-warming manifesto for change.' - Sindy review by Suzi Feay, Independent on Sunday.
  • 'Very entertaining - as well as full of useful new things to fret about.' - Libby Purves, Radio 4's Midweek.


Leo Hickman is a journalist, editor and consumer expert at The Guardian. He is also the author of How to Buy and A Good Life: The Guide to Ethical Living. He is married to Jane, and has two daughters and a son. They live in south London.

Product Details

  • A paperback diary of environmental living.
  • This is an entertaining personal account of going green in a family home.
  • ISBN-13 9781903919606
  • Published by Transworld in May 2005.
  • 368 pages.

  • Manufactured by: Transworld

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