The Final Call

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The Final Call: Investigating Who Really Pays For Our Holidays is Guardian journalist Leo Hickman's expose of the environmental issues surrounding the holiday industry. This is a must-read for the green traveller and concerned holiday maker.

The ethical cost of a holiday

In The Final Call, Leo Hickman travels the world on a range of holidays and discovers the true ecological costs that lie behind the sunny facade of pools, smiling locals, sightseeing trips and exquisite cuisine. This is an intriguing and illuminating study of the entire tourism industry, which covers both environmental factors and the ethical impact of tourism on developing countries. At the heart of this engaging critique is a heartfelt attempt to discover the best way to holiday wherever you are. The Final Call is a book offering real solutions to some very real problems.


  • 'Excellent. One of the clearest and most sobering analyses I've ever seen of the environmental, social, and economic damage done by tourism...This is a necessary book.' - Philip Pullman.
  • 'Well written, entertaining and hugely important.' - Zac Goldsmith.
  • 'Hickman is very persuasive and travels with heart and brain fully engaged to reveal the environmental havoc wreaked by the exponential growth in international travel.' - Barbara Gunnell, New Statesman.
  • 'Persuasive and sobering . . . a page-turner unlikely to be found poolside.' - Financial Times.


Leo Hickman is a journalist, editor and consumer expert at The Guardian. He is also the author of How to Buy, A Life Stripped Bare, and A Good Life: The Guide to Ethical Living. He is married to Jane, and has two daughters and a son. They live in south London.

Product Details

  • A paperback investigation into the environmental impact of the holiday industry.
  • This is an excellent critique of tourism and the complex ethical issues around it.
  • ISBN-13 9781905811069
  • Published by Transworld in March 2008.
  • 416 pages.

  • Manufactured by: Transworld

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