When The Rivers Run Dry

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When The Rivers Run Dry: What Happens When Our Water Runs Out? is Fred Pearce's impassioned study of the looming crisis of a worldwide water shortage. This book examines the environmental impact of our water usage and is an engaging read that offers potential solutions as well as criticisms of the current situation.

The Blue Revolution is here

When The Rivers Run Dry is a vivid report on the state of the world's water situation. Written partly as a travelogue, Fred Pearce's engaging book will educate you on water consumption and pollution across the world and also here in the UK. Fred Pearce contextualises how we use water in our everyday lives, while illuminating the potential risks we are taking as climate change occurs. For example, a staggering 11,000 litres to feed enough cows to make a quarter-pound hamburger. You could take 25 baths in the water it takes to grow the cotton for just one T-shirt.

When The Rivers Run Dry gives a clear and terrifying picture of the consequences if no remedial action is taken, but also a brilliantly challenging explanation of the steps we must take to ensure the "˜blue revolution "TM the world desperately needs.


  • 'If ever a book has been written that demands to be read it is this one. This is that rare thing - a journey through a hugely important and complex subject in the company of a natural storyteller who makes you feel intelligent.' - Tim Smit.
  • 'Of all the travel books I have ever read this is the most frightening, the most inspiring and the most important...A book every politician must be made to read and understand.' - David Bellamy.
  • 'Environmental journalist Fred Pearce's book, When the Rivers Run Dry could not be better timed' - Robin McKie, The Observer.


Author and journalist Fred Pearce reports on the environment and ecological living for worldwide publications. He is a regular contributor to New Scientist, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, and Country Living. He is married with grown-up children and lives in Wandsworth in London.

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* A paperback book which combines travel writing with science and environmentalism.
* One man's journey to find out exactly what is happening to the world around us.
* ISBN-13 9781903919583
* Published by Transworld in April 2007.

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