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The Last Generation: How Nature Will Take Her Revenge for Climate Change is environmental and science writer Fred Pearce's epic and life-changing report on the state of the world today. His impassioned and factual tale covers the changes our planet is facing in the next hundred years.

An authoritative and thrilling piece of research

The Last Generation is an exciting and dynamic book which will inform you of the truths about climate change. Fred Pearce is a consultant for New Scientist and has based all his writings on the most recent research available. Pearce travelled around the world to write this book, discovering the alarming effects climate change is already having on the natural world.

This is an eye-opening and illuminating text which will give you the truth behind the headlines about climate change. The Last Generation is a call to arms for action, and an engaging piece of journalism at the same time, with a plot which is equivalent to a popular thriller.


  • 'The Last Generation makes you feel that we know enough now to conceive of the problems ahead. And anticipating a problem is half way to being able to do something about it.' - James Flint, The Daily Telegraph.
  • 'This is the most frightening book that I have ever read...everyone should read this book to find out what is going wrong with the world.' - John Gribbin, The Independent.
  • 'One of Britain's finest science writers. He is a sceptic of the best sort, saying nothing until he has seen the truth of it for himself.' - Richard Girling, The Sunday Times.
  • 'A crystal clear wake-up call from one of the finest science writers in the world.' - Dr Jeremy Leggett.


Author and journalist Fred Pearce reports on the environment and ecological living for worldwide publications. He is a regular contributor to New Scientist, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, and Country Living. He is married with grown-up children and lives in Wandsworth in London.

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* A paperback book which combines travel writing with science and environmentalism.
* One man's journey to find out exactly what is happening to the world around us.
* ISBN-13 9781903919873
* Published by Transworld in June 2006.

  • Manufactured by: Transworld

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