A Good Life

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A Good Life: The Guide to Ethical Living is a one-stop shop of a book for all your ethical quandaries. Leo Hickman's A Good Life shows you how to make the right choices for your environment, conscience and pocket. This is an invaluable guide to getting it right and saving money at the same time.

A stylish guide to the ethical good life

A Good Life is presented as a guide to manoeuvring through the tricky ethical dilemmas of modern living. It explains the differences and benefits of organic, Fairtrade and locally sourced foods, and also tackles the issues around energy consumption. This fully-illustrated book is printed on FSC paper and printed with vegetable inks, making it recyclable and compostable. It contains 'dilemma' boxes which get to the heart of every issue and also a directory of endorsed contacts and suppliers for all your ethical shopping. A Good Life provides you with the tools you need to make the right decisions for you, and is endorsed by The Guardian and the Eden Project. This book can help you change your life, and the world, for the better.


  • 'A Good Life helps you kick-start a green, guilt-free lifestyle.' - Waterstones Books Quarterly
  • 'It "TMs the ideal book for anyone who wants guidance on making choices that will benefit them, their family and the planet.' - Country Living.
  • 'For every ethical dilemma, there's an answer in A Good Life by Leo Hickman.' - Eve Magazine.
  • 'This is the tome for ethical Jedi Masters. A damn fine reference book.' - Hippyshopper website.


Leo Hickman is a journalist, editor and consumer expert at The Guardian. He is also the author of How to Buy and A Life Stripped Bare. He is married to Jane, and has two daughters and a son. They live in south London.

Product Details

  • A paperback consumer guide with environmental issues.
  • This is a concise, straightforward and informative reference work for ethical living and advice.
  • ISBN-13 9781903919590
  • Published by Transworld in March 2005.
  • 304 pages.

  • Manufactured by: Transworld