Shades of Green

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Shades of Green - A (mostly) practical A-Z for the reluctant environmentalist, is your invaluable guide to becoming an ethical consumer. Paul Waddington's A to Z of environmental living takes the hassle out of making good and practical decisions about holidays, shopping, household products and food. Shades of Green is a humorous and at the same time informative consumer guide for the 'reluctant environmentalist', because being green has never been black or white.

An A-Z of how to be green the easy way

Paul Waddington recognises it is not always so easy to be green, and that some topics and ethical decisions you have to make as a consumer aren't always clear cut. Shades of Green is laid out in an A-Z format with wry and witty entries about all sorts for ethical issues from fruit to low-cost flights. Both informative and amusing, this book presents a positive and cheerful message about being greener without changing your entire life, and is eminently practical for those new to being environmentally minded.

Shades of Green makes a great gift for those who want a bit of help on their way to a greener life, but is also a handy guide for the committed ethical shopper, and its punchy style is a delight to read.


  • 'Paul's books will inspire even the most reluctant among us.' - Darina Allen
  • 'Paul Waddington fills in the grey areas, without any po-faced preaching, on the benefits, making us rethink our lifestyle choices in a fun way.' - The Lady.


Paul Waddington is also the author of the ethical guides Seasonal Food and 21st Century Smallholder. He is a regular writer and contributor to The Guardian and other broadsheets, often being consulted on food and environmental issues. He grows his own vegetables and is an enthusiastic bee keeper. He currently lives as sustainably as possible in Yorkshire.

Product Details

  • A handy paperback guide to getting greener without the hassle.
  • A simple A to Z reference book focusing on the environmental impact of consumer choices.
  • ISBN-13 9781905811007
  • Published by Random House in January 2008.
  • 288 pages.

  • Manufactured by: Transworld