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The Five Lath Gismo Kitchen Maid® Pot Rack is the ideal space saving solution for any kitchen. The cast iron ends enable the laths to be laid either vertically or horizontally giving you ultimate choice in the way you are able to utilise this fantastic space saving pot rack. The laths laid vertically provide the ideal solution for hanging kitchen items from butchers hooks.
The laths laid horizontally make a perfect hanging shelf. The laths can be placed in a combination of both vertical and horizontal giving you both hanging and shelving space.The cast iron rack ends have been designed to allow you to link together as many pot racks as you are able, combining both the seven lath and five lath versions if you wish. 
Comes complete everything you need:
  • 2 Five Lath Gismo Kitchen Rack ends
  • 8 Stainless steel links
  • 4 Ceiling eyes
  • 5 Stainless Steel Butchers Hooks
  • 5 sustainable wooden slats in required length.
The adjoining links and butchers hooks are available below should you require more than the standard pack provided with your Gismo pot rack kit.  Alternatively we can supply a Seven Lath Gismo Kitchen Maid® Pot Rack (see below), ideal for larger rooms.
Technical Information
Product Code A1292
Width 27cm
Extra butcher hooks are available. Click here: Stainless Steel Butchers Hooks

  • Manufactured by: Cast in Style

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