Kitchen Shelf Rack: Deluxe Chrome


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Our stunningly beautiful and immensely practical All Chrome wall mounted shelf rack will grace any kitchen and is exclusively designed by Cast in Style®. It is made from solid brass which is then chrome plated to give exceptional quality. It comes complete with eight looped chrome plated bars. Seven are used for the shelf and one for the built in utensil rack /towel rail.
The clever design means that laths can be placed horizontally or vertically in the shelf rack ends. This means that you can accommodate items such as saucepan lids which can be stored between the laths. It comes with a set of five high quality stainless steel butchers hooks to hang your utensils or pans on. The shelf ends are chrome plated to give a gorgeous beautiful finish.
A perfect traditional design for any kitchen. Incredibly versatile and superb fitted above your stove.
Comes complete with:
  • 5 Stainless Steel Butchers hooks
  • Chrome Screws for fixing to your wall
  • 2 Chrome ends
  • 8 looped chrome plated bars.

Extra butcher hooks are available. Click here: Stainless Steel Butchers Hooks

Technical Information
Product Code A2372
Length 90cm
Width 32cm

  • Manufactured by: Cast in Style