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The 3P Column Tank provides the home-owner with a sizeable 500 litres of rainwater storage (which is two and a half times the volume of a standard domestic water butt). The attractive design is available in either grey or green, to create an unobtrusive solution to your garden watering needs.

The Column tank is much more than a standard water butt

This premium quality Column Tank is a big step up from a standard water butt. It provides capacity for 500 litres (110 gallons) of garden rainwater in a small footprint - only slightly more than a two feet wide space is required. This tank can be used to fill a watering can by tap (a silver tap with a red handle is included), or for the connection of a water butt pump (which we can supply). The water tank is made from polyethylene and you can connect multiple tanks together using a separately available connecting kit, to give even more water storage.

The dimensions of the tank are 1840mm high x 650mm diameter - so its just over six feet tall! The Column Tank is available in two colours: Grey and Green. Please make sure that you choose your colour preference at the bottom of this page.

Each tank comes with a 3/4 inch silver and red tap, and two more 3/4 inch BSP brass tank interconnecting points for you to attach a pump, tap or further tanks. The tank has three pre-marked 3P Filter Collector connection points which can be installed via the tight fitting lid.

Optional extras: Filter collectors and pumps

We strongly recommend that you use this Column Tank with the 3P Filter Collector which is available in 4 colours (Grey, black, White and Brown). The filter collector is installed in the down-pipe, to cleanse the rainwater before diverting it sideways into the Column Tank, while leaves and debris continue down to the drain. Please remember to choose a colour at the bottom of this page.

 Range of colours for the filter collecter The Filter Collector is available in Brown, White, Black, or Grey. It will fit a 68-100 mm diameter round downpipe and a 65-75mm square down pipe.
3P Wall tank, water butt, long link connected to filter collector The Filter Collector Universal kit we supply comes with a 15cm connecting pipe

If you want to save your back from carrying watering cans around your garden, you may wish to consider a powerful Garden Steelpump that offers the pressure and convenience of mains water while you are actually using free rainwater. Simply connect a hose or tap to the pump and it will run when you open the tap and automatically shut off when you close it, so there is no need to run and switch the pump off. The pump can supply water at over 4 bar of pressure allowing it to push water uphill as high as 134 feet (41 metres). Using the pump, the flow rate through a 1/2 inch hosepipe is similar to mains water. Attached to the inlet of the pump is a large cartridge filter to ensure only clean water enters the pump.

If you plan to buy more than one of these tanks to create a large volume water storage set-up, then consider our pre-configured rain tank systems which include a pump. Click here to learn more.


This Water Butt is a large and heavy product so it will be sent by courier. This means that deliveries to the Highlands of Scotland or any offshore location will incur an additional charge. If you would like delivery to the Highlands or Islands please call us before ordering and we can quote you the additional delivery charge.

  • Manufactured by: 3P Technik