3P Technik Tuscan Water Butt - 275 Litre

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3P Technic Tuscan Water Butt - 275 Litres

The Tuscan Decorative Water Butt brings a Mediterranean feel of your garden while still providing a practical means of storing rainwater. Hand finished to an exceptional standard the surface has a realistic terracotta finish. It can store 275 litres of rainwater and the continental class of its looks mean that you will not want to hide it out of site. Available in "brick" brown, the Tuscan Water Butt can optionally be purchased with a 3P Technik Filter Collector Universal to collect water from your downpipe and filter any debris before transferring the watr into the tank.

A Mediterranean style water butt that is eye-catching

The Tuscan Water Butt is rotationally moulded (so it is strong and durable), 40% larger than the standard 190-200 litre water butts, and designed to add continental sophistication to your garden. The Tuscan Water Butt has a child-resistant, removable, bayonet fit lid and comes with a complete tap set. 

The specification is as follows:

  • Material: PE (polyethylene)
  • Capacity: 275 litres
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Dimensions: 1000mm x 780mm (top diameter) x 545mm (bottom diameter)

What else do you need with the Tuscan Water Butt?

The Tuscan Water Butt operates best if supplied with filtered water, so we offer you the option of buying the 3P Technik Filter Collector Universal.
Universal filter collector
This filter collector cleanses the rainwater before diverting it sideways into the water butt, while leaves and debris continue down to the drain. When the Tuscan tank is full the filter collector automatically sends excess rainwater to the drain as usual. The unique removable filter cartridge can be taken out in seconds for cleaning. It will fit a 68-100 mm diameter round downpipe and a 65-75mm square down pipe. Please choose below if you wish to add the filter collector to your order.


The Tuscan Water Butt is a large and heavy product so it will be sent by courier. This means that deliveries to the Highlands of Scotland or any offshore location will incur an additional charge. If you would like delivery to the Highlands or Islands please call us before ordering and we can quote you the additional delivery charge.

  • Manufactured by: 3P Technik