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Hot water bottles simply don't come any cuter than this. Our adorable range of children's hot water bottles have luxury faux fur covers with front pouches for toy animals to hide away in. Our furry friends are made by Wild Republic and a percentage of the proceeds goes to disadvantaged children around the world who need education, housing and other support that they're not lucky enough to have.
'Treacle' Pocket Pals hot water bottle
Inside a soft pink pouch at the front of the hot water bottle nestles a tiny kangaroo, wanting to find a friend to share its cosy corner. With such a velvety, soft cover children can happily snuggle up to this hot water bottle during the day or night and make a new pocket pal at the same time.
Hot water bottles are a safe, easy way to heat up a cold bed - simply unzip the faux fur cover, fill the inner bottle with hot water and once you've re-sealed it place it under the covers to gently radiate heat in preparation for bedtime. With a hot water bottle to keep children warm and a pocket pal waiting to share a bedtime story, going to sleep couldn't be any more enjoyable.
Approximately 28cm long and 17cm wide
Zipped for ease of filling
Machine-washable at 40 degrees
Can be tumble dried on a cool setting
Made in Germany to UK British Standard specification
Please note that each hot water bottle has a unique cut of fabric, so the colour of yours may not be exactly as shown in the image.
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  • Manufactured by: Helen Moore

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