Herb Dryer



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Herb Dryer

Our herb dryer is a practical, easy-to-use and stylish device designed to dry herbs, seeds, chillies, mushrooms and more.

Air drying is an ancient and  effective method of preserving crops, which intensifies flavours and enables you to use your home grown and foraged produce all year round. Made from FSC Beech wood with thee unbleached cotton sheets, the dryer is easy to assemble and comes with instructions . Measures 37cm wide by 37cm deep by 26cm high.

  • Practical, easy to use and stylish 
  • Quickly dry herbs, seeds, chilies and mushrooms 
  • Enjoy your home-grown and foraged produce all year round

Designed by Nether Wallop and made in the UK.

  • Manufactured by: Nether Wallop Trading