Piranha Dynamo Shaver

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The Piranha Dynamo Shaver is a perfect travel companion and a great present for the man who has everything. It can be charged either from mains electricity or by winding the handle on the Shaver to charge the internal battery with a dynamo. From fully charged it will give the user an hour of shaving from its two rotary heads.

The Piranha Dynamo Shaver is the perfect gift for the business traveller

This electric razor is a perfect travel companion and a great present for the man who has everything. If you are a business traveller who stresses over the right plug/socket combination to take on the next business trip to some far off country, this shaver solves the problem: don't take any adaptors, just wind it up.

With the Piranha, you can enjoy the freedom of shaving anytime, anywhere without an electricity supply. Part of the reputable POWERplus range, the Piranha is a dynamo shaver with two flexible powerful changeable shaving
heads and a trimmer. This means no more dead batteries during shaving: just wind up and the dynamo will generate energy for the internal battery of the Piranha to shave again. Besides dynamo charging you can of course also charge by AC-charger.

Charging the Piranha Dynamo Shaver

Wind the Piranha at a speed of 3 revolutions per second to charge. The charging indicator on your shaver will illuminate when winding at the right speed. To charge with the included A/C-Charger, plug the mini USB cable into the Piranha and connect the USB 2.0 plug into the A/C-Charger. You can now plug the A/C-Charger into the mains supply. The charge indicator will now illuminate.

Technical specifications

Shaving time after 1 minute winding 1.2 minutes
Trimmer time after 1 minute winding 1 minute
Shaving time fully charged >60 minutes
Trimmer time fully charged 45 minutes
Charging time full charged 8 hours
Li-Battery 3,7

  • Manufactured by: Powerplus

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