3P Technik Arcado Water Butt - 230 Litres/360 Litres

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Arcado Stone Pillar Water Butt - 230 litre, 360 litre decorative water butt sizes available.

The stone pillar effect water butt range, Arcado, are available in 6 options: two different sizes with three colours to each! All boast a very useful ultra small footprint and are designed to replicate the design of stone pillars. Suitable especially to complement stone pillar work around the house but equally able to create that same impression by itself in all shapes of garden.

We recommend using the 3P Filter Collector Universal to connect the Arcado water butt to your down-pipe. This filter is everything you need for collecting water from your down-pipe and filter any debris before transferring the water into the tank.

  • Capacities of 230 litres, 360 litres 
  • The butt can be filled using a 3P Filter Collector Universal
  • Front-facing BSP brass threaded 3/4” screw-in tap connection point
  • Side outlet BSP brass threaded 3/4" port for draining or connecting to another butt
  • Child-safe lid

Accessories included
  • Granite and charcoal water butts are supplied with a chrome tap and the sandstone water butt with a brass tap
  • Wall fixing bracket & screws
Free economy delivery to mainland UK.
Made by 3P Technic



  • Manufactured by: 3P Technik

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