3P Technik Helena Water Butt - 300L Terracotta Effect Water Butt

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Helena Water Butt - 300L Terracotta Effect Water Butt. Free UK Delivery.

The Helena Decorative Water Butt brings a touch of ancient Greece to your garden. This classic amphora design has been crafted in a realistic distressed detailed finish. The surface of the Helena has marvelously detailed surfaces, with colour variations across the surface to give this decorative terracotta water butt an antique look. It is a 2-sided water-butt with one side having a more heavily distressed surface than the other, giving a really impressive weathered effect. Each side of the water-butt, though, has a ¾ brass threaded port for use with supplied tap so it may be positioned either way round.

The removable, child-proof lid is secured by a supplied security screw for that extra piece of mind.

For this water butt, we recommend connecting the water butt to your down-pipe with the  Filter Collector Universal. The filter is everything you need for collecting water from the down-pipe and filtering out any debris before transferring the water into the tank.Like all 3P water butts, it's made from weather and UV resistant polyethylene. The Helena Water Butt features include brass threaded .75 inch connection points for a screw in tap on the front and back, and side outlet for draining or connecting to another water butt.


 Height 120 cm

 Diameter 78 cm

 Capacity 300 Litres (65 gallons)

 The Helena Water Butt is made by 3PTechnik

  • Manufactured by: 3P Technik