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Pulse Ecoshower

Pulse Ecoshowers operate by emitting an invigorating pulse 30-40 times pae second, offering a sensational new shower experience while significantly reducing water consumption.

Whereas other eco shower heads function by cutting water pressure or introducing air into the flow, a Pulse ecoshower achieves the strong pressure, comfort and temperature  of a traditional shower with a fraction of the water and energy. What's more, the measures taken to achieve these effects have created extra benefits which are unique to Pulse ecoshowers. By removing the spray plate, our engineers have dramatically reduced the internal surface area where deposits and minerals build up, guaranteeing a more hygienic shower and no limescale clogging for life. (Questor Research Centre.)


COST-EFFECTIVENESS: Redeem the cost of a new shower head quickly; reap the rewards for a lifetime.Heating enough water to meet the showering requirements of a modern household consumes a significant amount of 
energy - regardless of whether the fuel of choice is electricity, gas or oil - and this is set to rise. According 
to the Energy Savings Trust, as homes become more energy efficient, heating water will account for up to 70 percent of household energy bills.

Switching to a more efficient shower head, which drastically reduces water and energy consumption, is one way to tackle this problem. Once a Pulse Eco Shower has been installed, you start making savings immediately, quickly recover the cost of the shower head itself, reduce the maintenance required and cut back on carbon emissions. All this can be achieved without sacrificing comfort, convenience or cost.      

COMFORT: Cutting costs and energy consumption no longer means comfort must also be sacrificed. Many eco showers which reduce energy consumption are counter-productive – stemming the flow of water forces users 
to stay in the shower for longer and yet they still emerge with a less than satisfactory experience. Unlike our 
competitors’ models, Pulse Eco Showers emit large, bulbous drops of water which achieve maximum coverage for a luxurious sensation that revives and refreshes. 

TEMPERATURE RETENTION: Clever design ensures high temperatures are maintained.Many Eco shower heads introduce surrounding air into the water stream, reducing the amount of water consumed, but also reducing the temperature of the shower. To compensate, higher elements of hot water are required. Pulse Eco Showers emit water in large droplets, reducing the overall surface area where heat loss can occur and delivering cascades of water with adjustable modes of impact. 

RINSING EFFECTIVENESS: Strong showers designed for maximum pleasure and efficiency to suit modern lifestyles.Thanks once again to droplet size and strong pressure, Pulse Eco Showers excel in this area. Aerated shower heads - which introduce air into the water stream - reduce rinsing efficiency and user satisfaction. In contrast, Pulse Eco Showers perform well with short rinsing times and maximum efficiency, further reducing energy waste and costly bills by enabling users to have strong, luxurious showers quickly. 

SUITABILITY AND DURABILITY: Suits most showering systems, including electric showers.Only systems with extremely low water pressure (below 0.5 bar) will not function with Pulse Eco Showers. Pulse Eco showers are suitable for electric showers too and are simple to install with a standard fit for all hoses and cradles. Having removed the spray plate from our design, we are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee against limescale clogging, ensuring a more hygienic and convenient showering experience. 

MAINTENANCE AND CLEANLINESS: Designed to prevent unsightly and unhygienic limescale clogging.Without a spray plate – the area on traditional and competing eco showers where deposits are most likely to build up – Pulse Eco Showers cannot become clogged with limescale. Having replaced the multitude of outlet holes with a single stream that makes the most of the natural properties of water, there is only one restricted area where the accumulation of potentially harmful microbial could occur. However, as the material at this point is metal (as opposed to the layers of recessed rubber that are frequently used with spray plates), the possibility of microbial build-up is significantly reduced.

Suitability - Suitable for all shower systems including most electric showers. (Only systems with very low pressure 
are unlikely to reach the required level of 0.5 bar.)

Reliability - Most of our competitors offer a one year guarantee. However, as Pulse Eco Showers function with a very simple yet effective design, they are remarkably durable. This is why we offer a two year manufacturer’s warranty. 


Which Magazine Report:

Which? First Look verdict

As eco shower heads go, the Pure Pulse Eco offers good value for money. Being able to select your spray setting and cutting your water usage by two thirds means that this shower head should pay for itself relatively quickly - while you can still enjoy your showers. It may not be a power shower, but for those keen to reduce their water bills, the Pure Pulse Eco can definitely help.

  • Manufactured by: Pulse Eco Shower