Stacker Gismo Clothes airer

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Why a Stacker Gismo Type Clothes Airer?

Our Stacker Gismo airer is our latest invention. Unique to Cast in Style a Gismo Clothes Airer not only works as a conventional clothes airer but it also can be used as a hanging shelf. The amazing benefit of the Stacker Gismo is the fact that it is 2 Gismos, one hanging below the other on strong steel links. This gives you 100% extra drying space or shelf space. Because it is completely flat it makes a perfect base for folded items that have finished drying. The lath can be fitted sideways or width ways giving you more space to load the gismo with clothing. Ideal for people needing more shelf space without the room. Just hoist it out of the way.

EASY to Fit…

Our Stacker Gismo Kitchen Maid® Pulley clothes airers can be installed in almost any ceiling space including sloping ceilings and staircases. Our Kitchen Maid® Pulley clothes airers are really easy to fit, each airer comes with easy to follow installation instructions.

What do I get?

  • 100% More drying space
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Comes complete with everything you need – 2 x cast iron ends, wooden lathes, a single pulley, a double pulley, rope, a cleat with screws and installation instructions.
  • Cast iron parts come in a choice of different colours
  • Easy to install in almost all ceiling spaces.
  • Dries up to 45 kg of washing
  • Professional high quality
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to the tumble dryer

  • Manufactured by: Cast in Style