Rotaire Concerto Rotary Airer with Dryline Cover


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We all know that natural drying is best. A flow of air dries clothes better than static heat (sitting it on your radiator) or sunshine on its own. The Concerto and Dryline combination gives you the benefits of a rotary airer but with the protection of a cover against rain. Now you can go to work with more confidence that your washing will be dry when you return.

The Concerto Rotary Airer and Dryline - a perfect combination

We supply a high quality airer, the Concerto that offers 40 metres of drying line together with a Classic S1900 Heavy Duty Dryline. The combination offers a well tried-and-tested rotary airer, with a simple but effective design, and steel frame. This is matched with a new fabric cover that will look good in any garden.

The Dryline is made of a heavy woven fabric material suitably reinforced at the corners and centre panel. The mesh skirt, as with all of Rotaire's Drylines is equipped with a weighted hem to stabilise it in wind. This traps the rain while letting the air through to dry your clothes, while the top vent allows rising hot air to draw upwards across the laundry. Access to the washing is easily gained by lifting the corners of one side over the top cover, where it will rest until you let it down. The whole airer and Dryline can be folded down when not in use.

The Concerto Airer

The Concerto provides a sturdy but straightforward airer with 130' (~40 metres) of washing line, enough for a family, and a Dryline to cover it and allow you to forget the weather.

The airer has a standard four arm, square configuration. The sides are six feet long (1.83m), and have a rotating diameter of eight feet eight inches (2.64m) - this is the space you need to have to allow the airer to rotate freely. The centre post has a 32mm diameter with 1mm wall thickness.

The Dryline Classic 

The Dryline Classic supplied here is a waterproof cover made by Rotaire to fit the Concerto rotary washing line. It allows air to circulate freely through the washing while protecting your clothes from rain, bird mess and Ultraviolet (UV) rays. The weighted mesh skirt surrounds the durable polyethylene cover, helping to carry sideways rain clear of the washing. In summer, the Dryline actually accelerates the drying time so that 2 or even 3 loads can be dried outside in a day! It lives permanently on the airer and folds down with it when not in use.

Storage cover included FREE. The airer is delivered separately to the Dryline and accessories.

  • Manufactured by: Rotaire