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The Powerplus Bug is a simple solution to a common problem: finding the keyhole with your key in the dark. The Bug is a small, solar powered light that you fit directly above or to the side of your door or keyhole. Just push the top of the bug (no fiddling around looking for a switch) and a single, bright LED light will illuminate your keyhole for 25 seconds. After this time the Bug will turn itself off automatically.

No changing batteries

The Powerplus Bug has a built in battery that is charged from sunshine or daylight. When fully charged the battery is capable of powering the light for 1,000 lighting cycles, and charging fully takes just 12 hours if it is in direct sunlight. Installation is with a strong self adhesive pad (included), but you can use the integral screw head slots (screws not included).

Diameter: 4.6cm
Thickness: 2.5cm
Max brightness: 14 MCD

  • Manufactured by: Powerplus