Supa Fold Compact Washing Line


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The Hills Supa Fold Compact Washing Line is the third largest member of a collection of four sizes of the finest wall mounted, folding frame clothes airers available in the UK. The convenience and space saving nature of a wall mounted airer is backed up by a robust and durable construction and an aesthetically pleasing design. Line drying versus tumble drying is great for the environment and will save you money as well.

Compact drying for your clothes

The Supa Fold Compact consists of a medium sized frame that can be folded neatly down. When raised the Compact presents a traditional triangular profile offering 13 metres of line space - sufficient for a smaller sized family wash.

Assembly is easy, with pre-assembled sections supplied. The Supa Fold Compact comes with a 10 year guarantee, a safe locking mechanism, superior corrosion resistance, a glide lift mechanism using no rivets, and premium grade polycore line containing 22 polyester filaments braided together and sheathed in UV stabilised plastic for long life.

Dimensions: 2.2 metres wide x 0.6 metres deep.
Colour : Pebble Beach Beige

Delivery: The price of this product includes delivery to all UK locations (including Northern Ireland).

  • Manufactured by: Hills