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More and more people are recycling at home and in the office. Whether it is because of a feeling of social responsibility or because employers realise the benefits, the need to dispose of waste properly requires the right tools. The Slim Jim Bin 87 Litre Recycle Bin is the larger brother of its 60 litre sibling and is an ideal product for home or office use. It is compact, discrete and yet functional. If your Local Authority requires that you separate your recycled waste then using a selection of Slim Jim 87 bins will save you time sorting it all out.

This recycle bin is available with a blue or grey base and a range of lids which depend on what you want to collect: Paper, Plastic bottles, Can, glass, general waste or mixed recycling. (Please select below). Each lid is designed to limit the products that can be put in the bin to those which you choose or at least remind the user what the bin is for.
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The bin is also supplied with a 10 x 15cm sticker of your choice to make it clear what waste should be collected. Please choose your sticker from the selector box at the bottom of the page.
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Each bin is 59cm deep, 28 cm wide and 76.5cm tall (without the lid) giving a useful 87 litre capacity. These bins are manufactured by one of the market leaders, Rubbermaid, and made with 30% post consumer plastic (i.e recycled milk cartons, drinks bottles etc.).

Delivery. Delivery for this product is to UK mainland only.

  • Manufactured by: Rubbermaid