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The Culti Cave Laundry Dome allows you to dry your clothes outdoors on a drying rack in all weather conditions. It's hard to find a laundry solution for the Great British Summer... one minute it's raining and the next it's not; washing is out then in and rotary lines up then down. If you don't have space to dry clothes indoors or you want to avoid the smell of damp or even kitchen smells seeping into your clothes, the Culti Cave Laundry Dome protects your laundry from it all. With this innovative product you can dry your laundry outdoors, whatever the weather.

Simple and economical

Affordable and easy to assemble, the Culti Cave Laundry Dome can be set up freestanding inside or outside your home. Outside, guy ropes and anchors are provided to secure your Laundry Dome into the ground or - should you prefer - you can use the guy ropes to fix your clothes airer to a fence or wall if you have a handy space to store it permanently.

Excellent ventilation and temperatures for clothes drying

The Culti Cave Laundry Dome is fitted with a mesh door to keep your clothes well-ventilated whilst they dry, so there'll be no condensation in the dome and no damp smell on your clothes either. The Laundry Dome also comes with an internal groundsheet to make sure optimum temperature is maintained - much higher than out in the open air - meaning a much faster drying time.

Drying space

Wherever your Culti Cave Laundry Dome is placed, be it on a balcony, down the side of the house, or behind the shed, you will have two cubic meters of space in which to dry your clothes. You can use airers inside the dome or there are attachments inside the laundry tent to support thin drying lines and a modest weight of laundry.  
The Culti Cave Laundry Dome is an innovative new solution to the laundry problem, providing increased flexibility on clothes storage whilst you're at work or unable to make it out to the garden if it rains. It's an affordable, easy way to dry your wet clothes with adaptable storage methods to suit your home and individual needs.

Tip: The Laundry Dome is particularly stable if you place some paving stones or bricks on the base of it (see our pictures).



Please note; Delivery of this product is to mainland UK ex Scottish Highlands only. Deliveries to the Highlands of Scotland or any offshore location will incur an additional charge. If you would like delivery to the Highlands or Islands please call us before ordering and we can quote you the additional delivery charge.

  • Manufactured by: Tidytent