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Supercharger is a super tough, super fast means to charge a Freeloader. Supercharger will fully power up a Freeloader in as little as 4 hours in sunshine, which means it is possible to charge Freeloader twice in one day!

By using an ultra efficient, compact, 1.5watt crystalline solar cell, Freeloader can be rapidly charged in all weather conditions.

Supercharger is a fully weather resistant unit supplied in a tough case with two innovative buckles and a Velcro attachment strap for secure fixing to a rucksack, travel bag, bike panniers etc. And weighing in at a featherweight 200grams, the extra weight will barely be noticed.

Supercharger easily couples to the Freeloader battery / hub using the original USB charge cable supplied with Freeloader.

Just plug in for instant performance. Available in green or pink (please choose below).

Technical Description:

- 1.5wp solar cell
- Tough Case gives protection in all weather conditions
- Size: 210mm x 159mm x 6mm
- Weight: 200g

  • Manufactured by: FreeLoader

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