Foam Draught Excluder Strip

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There's a reason why PVC foam draft excluders have been around for so long, and that's because they work well. They are a simple and effective method of plugging cold drafts around doors and windows during the winter months to keep you warm and to keep your bank balance healthy.

Simply stick the foam strips to the frames of your doors and windows. When you close them there will be fewer nooks and crannies for cold air to seep in through or for the heat you've generated - at great cost - to escape.

PVC foam draft excluder strips come in two colours to complement your door or window design and internal decor (please choose below):

  • White
  • Brown

These handy draft excluder strips come in coils of 5 or 15 metre lengths to suit your needs (please choose below):

  • 7mm wide
  • 4mm thick
  • Seals gaps that are between 1-3mm

Considering the huge rise in the cost of gas and electric, PVC foam draft exclusion is a small investment in the long run, it's easy to fit and it's unobtrusive.

Product codes: DE901, DE902, DE903 and DE904

  • Manufactured by: Tubeway