Easyfix Filmglaze Secondary Glazing Kit - Medium



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During the winter months where cold air seeps through gaps between your window panes, one of the most efficient ways of insulating your home is to use double glazing and this needn't mean sheets of glass and an enormous cost. The Easyfix Filmglaze system is the most affordable and simple secondary glazing kit to use, yet it's just as effective. Filmglaze prevents the heat you've generated - at cost - from escaping. You just need a sharp knife and a hairdryer to secure it in place.

How does it work?

First, prepare your windows by making sure they are both clean and dry.

Run the included double sided tape around the edge of the individual window panes or around the frame for a collection of windows - whichever you prefer. Stick the Filmglaze you've cut to size to the tape carefully, adding enough pressure so that it is not sagging. Then, simply turn on your hairdryer to the lowest setting, hold it around 5cm away from the Filmglaze and wrinkles in the Filmglaze will begin to disappear. As the Filmglaze firms up, you may need to move your hairdryer closer (no more than within 2cms) or turn up the heat setting to effectively finish this simple job.

Tip: Start at the top left corner of the window and move the hairdryer down to the bottom right for an even finish.

The Easyfix Medium Filmglaze kit covers 4.5 square metres. (Sheet size: 1.5 x 3m)

Read the instructions by clicking here. All you need do when you've finished double glazing your windows is put your feet up, ready to see the winter through in the warm.

Product codes: FG450

  • Manufactured by: Tubeway