Easyfix Magnet Glaze Secondary Glazing Kit


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During the winter months when cold air seeps through gaps between your window panes, one of the most efficient ways of insulating your home is to use a secondary pane of plastic sheeting. This also prevents the heat you've generated - at great cost - from escaping, and as a bonus it keeps out external noise. Used with a sheet of plastic the Easyfix Magnetglaze system is incredibly simple to use.

How does it work?

The Easyfix Magnetglaze kit comes in a length of 5 metres with two strips - one metal and one magnetic. The white metal strip is cut to the size of your window and stuck easily in place, since it is self-adhesive. The magnetic strip is then stuck to your plastic double glazing pane, allowing the two strips to magnetically bond to secure them together.
nb. Easyfix Magnetglaze should not be used with glass panes.

All you need do is make sure both panes - your window and your double glazing unit - are both clean and dry. Then, secure your double glazing and put your feet up, ready to see the winter through in the warm.

You can read the instructions by clicking here.

Product code: MG05

  • Manufactured by: Tubeway