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During the winter months when cold air seeps through gaps between your window panes, one of the most efficient ways of insulating your home is to use a secondary pane of glass or plastic sheeting. This also prevents the heat you've generated - at cost - from escaping, and as a bonus it keeps out external noise. Used with a sheet of glass or plastic that is 4mm thick, this Easyfix Double Glazing system is one of the simplest secondary glazing kits to use.

All you need

The Easyfix Double Glazing kit comes with a strip of PVC that can be cut to the length you need and a mitre gauge (included) that allows you easily to cut in neat corners to fix around your double glazing pane. This PVC edging strip is most flexible when it's warm, so prepare the night before by storing it in an airing cupboard or other warm environment to make the job even easier.

How does it work?

Cut the PVC strip using the mitre gauge and seal it around the edges of your 4mm glass or plastic pane. It's important not to try and fix a strip of edging in one go, but work one centimetre at a time to secure it to your double glazing pane most effectively. This 15 meter edging strip comes with 72 clips and 72 screws to fix double glazing panes to your window frame. Fitting instructions (click here to view) are included with the Easyfix Double Glazing 15 meter kit.

The edging strip comes in two colours to compliment your windows and internal decor:

  • White
  • Brown

All you need do is make sure both panes - your window and your double glazing unit - are both clean and dry. Then, secure your double glazing and put your feet up, ready to see the winter through in the warm.

Product codes: P51B, P51W

  • Manufactured by: Tubeway