Deluxe Letterbox Draught Excluder With Flap


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Small as it may be, your letterbox is a channel for allowing drafts in to your home. Not only does cold air seep through the letterbox it also lets out heat that costs you money to generate. By fitting this deluxe letterbox draft excluder you'll keep warmer by making sure your heat stays inside your home and so avoid wasting valuable cash at the same time. An internal letterbox flap hides the brush draft exclusion feature and offers added protection.

The sophisticated deluxe letterbox draft excluder comes in a variety of designs to complement your decor:

  • A silver frame with an aluminum flap
  • A gold frame with a gold flap
  • A white frame with a white flap
  • A black frame with a black flap

The letterbox draft excluder also comes with everything you need to plug that cold spot including fixing screws and fitting instructions .

  • Letterplate flap opens 135 degrees
  • Overall size: 292mm x 76mm
  • Aperture size: 248 x 40mm
  • Suitable for inside or out

Considering the huge rise in the cost of gas and electric, this deluxe letterbox draft excluder is a small investment in the long run, it's an easy device to fit and the deluxe range is especially unobtrusive.

Product codes: DE721, DE723, DE725, DE727

  • Manufactured by: Tubeway