Bye Bye Standby 2011 Socket and Remote Starter Kit


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Bye Bye Standby produces a suite of products that allow you to control the power to a range of your domestic appliances and lights. Turning the power off to appliances saves the electricity used by the devices that would have been consumed while they are in Standby mode. Leaving them on standby unnecessarily uses electricity costing you money and contributing to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. Bye Bye Standby requires no installation: simply plug the Bye Bye Standby intelligent socket into an existing mains socket to convert it to remote control. Standby saving is highlighted by the Energy Saving Trust as a key energy saving tip.

The new starter kit for Bye Bye Standby

The new Bye Bye Standby starter kit consists of a single socket rated at 3kW (13 Amps), and one remote control that can control individual or groups of devices. If 4-way extension leads (aka gang plugs) are used with each socket, then this kit will allow you to control up to 4 devices.

Leaving a typical home entertainment system - TV, DVD, digital TV receiver and hi-fi - on standby when not in use can cost £40 a year according to a report from the consumer magazine, Which?, and be responsible for 245kg of carbon dioxide emissions. Using a Bye Bye Standby to quickly and conveniently switch this equipment off when not in use could save you more than £40 a year and eliminate the carbon dioxide emission.

What's different about this new Bye Bye Standby Kit?

There are 3 changes and one important difference with this new equipment:
  • It is now easier to change the battery on the remote control
  • The new casing makes it easier to use the device in sockets that are mounted close to ground level
  • All the new Bye Bye Standby sockets are now rated at 3kW (13 Amps)
  • The new remote control cannot be used to operate the previous editions of BBSB sockets though the new sockets will work with all the existing controllers including the classic remote controls. For an example of how to pair a classic remote control with a new socket click here.

  • Manufactured by: Bye Bye Standby