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We all know how expensive it gets in winter to heat a home - we use more electricity for the lights as well, and that electrical expenditure doesn't even include the TV, computers and all that winter washing. Instead of waiting for an enormous energy bill to come through and ruin your Christmas, why not invest in this Energy Monitor, you'll barely even notice the cost. It can monitor any plug-in appliance.

How does it work?

First, plug this simple device in to the mains socket. You will have to set the time and the cost of your electricity per kilowatt-hour, which you can find on your electricity bill. Then, plug in your electrical appliance to the Energy Monitor. The Energy Monitor tells you how much electricity that particular appliance is using, so you can determine whether the appliance simply isn't economical and needs to be replaced with a more environmentally friendly model, or should simply be used sparingly.


The Energy Monitor has been deliberately built with a large LCD screen, so you won't need to squint to see it - you can clearly see how much or how little you're spending.

Usage monitoring

The Energy Monitor will show you the electricity you're using by the:

  • Hour
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year

The Energy Monitor will tell you:

  • Power consumption
  • Lowest power usage
  • Highest power usage
  • Total kilowatts
  • Total cost
  • Voltage

For the price of a stocking filler, you can't go far wrong this winter by investing in the Efergy Energy Monitor Socket to keep your home running at a reasonable cost.

  • Manufactured by: Efergy