Gardman 6cm Round Fibre Pots (96 Pack)

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Made principally from wood pulp, these fibre planting pots are good for the environment and good for your plants whilst at the same time being convenient for your use. They are ideal for planting seeds and cuttings or transferring plants and because they're made from wood pulp you can plant the pot along with the plant and roots will naturally grow through it.

Benefits of fibre plant pots

  • No plastic pots to throw away
  • Roots are not disturbed
  • Wood pulp is sourced from renewable sources
  • Reduced peat content, so more eco-friendly


  • This pack contains 96 fibre pots that are each 6cm round

Neatly packed, these environmentally friendly pots work naturally with your plants. Simply pot and grow.

  • Manufactured by: Gardman