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Whether you're starting out with your own seedlings or a seasoned gardener, the Paper Potter helps you easily make seed pots out of old newspaper in a matter of seconds. Not only will you cut your newspaper waste, you will also produce your very own biodegradable seedling pots that can be planted straight into the ground without disrupting roots of new plants.

Instructions for use

  • Tear or cut out strips of newspaper 8cm wide by 57cm long
  • Continue to wrap the long strip around the Paper Potter stem until you end up with many wraps around it
  • You'll end up with an excess amount of paper at the bottom of the stem; fold this round the end of the potter
  • Place the newspaper pot in the Paper Potter base to mould the shape of the pot
  • Remove the potter and fill the newspaper pot with compost
  • Plant seeds in the pot
  • Eventually transfer the seed pot straight into your garden and leave plants to bloom

Happy seedlings

This Paper Potter is the larger of the two available, making newspaper pots that are around 5cm tall and 4.5cm wide, so your seedlings have plenty of room to grow. Before planting your seed pots in the garden you can be assured the newspaper pots won't break when watered because the paper easily drys out in open spaces, making the paper pot crisp again.

When you're ready to plant your seed pots straight into the ground in your garden the newspaper pot will only then naturally biodegrade (since it won't be unable to dry out) leaving no waste, no mess to clean up and naturally allowing your plants to flourish.

The Plant Potter is made with oak and organic gardeners will be pleased to learn the wood is not lacquered, so this is an all-natural, environmentally friendly product. It's a Green Apple Environment Awards winner and we're sure it'll be a winner with you too.

  • Manufactured by: Nether Wallop