Shark wind-up, waterproof flashlight/charger

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The Shark is the world's first rechargeable, waterproof, flashlight and charger. With the professional waterproof Shark you benefit from the newest technology LED light. You can select the torch mode for 2 conventional 5mm LEDs or select the mode for the powerful 1W LED which gives a super high beam of light visible for 10 Kilometres.

The Shark comes with a DC-charger, standard Nokia cable and 7 adapter tips, which cover the following products: New Nokia (small tip), Samsung, Mini USB, Motorola, Siemens, Sony Ericsson (older style), Sony Ericsson (new style), and female USB for Ipod. Recharge the Shark with the DC charger or use the dynamo generator for powerful light anytime you need it. The torch is waterproof to a depth of 10 metres and amazingly the wind-up mechanism will work to this depth too. 

Technical details

Maximum brightness
 1W LED 
250.000  MCD
5 MM LED  30.000  MCD
20  LM
LED life time
10,000  Hours
5 MM LED  80,000  Hours
Shine time after 1minute winding
20  Minutes
5 MM LED  60  Minutes
Talking time after 1 minute of winding 2-8  Minutes
Standby time after 1 minute of winding 20-30  Minutes
Charging time AC Hours
Shine time fully charged
5 MM LED  60  Hours

Extract of user manual to describe the mobile phone charging feature:
Unscrew the waterproof cap at the side of the flashlight. Connect the cable marked "ŒDC " to the DC socket inside the waterproof cap. Connect the correct charging adapter for your mobile phone at the other end of the cable. Connect the adapter to your mobile phone. Wind at a speed of 3 revolutions per second to charge the mobile phone. The charging indicator in the cap will illuminate during efficient charging. The charging indicator on your mobile phone will show as charging. The standard charging cable is suitable for Nokia cell phones (except N-types).  7 Adapter plugs for other popular mobile phones are included in this packaging. More adapter plugs are available at

  • Manufactured by: Powerplus