Leopard Solar Powered TV Remote Control


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Disposable batteries are very nearly a thing of the past, but most TV remote controls unfortunately still use them. The Leopard solves the problem of dead batteries and more importantly the disposal of dead batteries that harm the environment by charging your TV remote through solar power. Charge your solar powered universal TV remote control with natural sunlight or artificial light.

TV compatibility and programming

The Leopard solar powered TV remote control is compatible with most brands of TV, except for Bang and Olufsen. To set up the Leopard you simply press the button on the remote that corresponds to your brand of television and... surprising... that's it!

Charging the Leopard

This universal TV remote control needs only light to charge up. This can be the stronger rays of natural sunlight or artificial indoor lighting. Simply leave your remote control lying face up so that light can hit the visible solar panel and you need do no more.

Detailed information

  • Weighs only 76 grams
  • 186mm long x 49mm wide x 17mm deep
  • 34 functional buttons
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • 4,8V and IC control to 3V
  • 12-20 mAh power consumption
The Leopard solar powered TV remote not only helps protect the environment by eliminating disposable batteries, it also saves you money and works universally on nearly every brand of television. It's so affordable, easy to set up and use, we don't know what you're waiting for.

  • Manufactured by: Powerplus