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Wormeries are great fun and educational for kids and a fantastic natural resource of compost for your garden. The Wormcity Wormery 75 Litre has three composting trays and all the paraphernalia you need to keep your worms and your garden happy. Fill your bottom tray with worms, throw in some organic waste materials and watch the worms eat through the lot, leaving behind a rich fertilizer for your greens.

Setting up your wormery

The Wormcity Wormery 75 Litre comes with a solid base, a tray to collect liquid (sump) and three removable composting trays that stack on top. The trays are sealed off with an attractive lid in the shape of a beehive. The sump tray has a tap, which allows you to easily drain off liquid fertilizer to use as food for your plants.

Everything you need in one delivery

You don't need to buy any extras with the Wormcity Wormery 75 Litre. You're provided with:
  • 1 base unit that stands solidly underneath trays that are stacked and unstacked
  • 3 composting trays that hold 25 litres each
  • 1 sump tray that holds approx. 9 litres of liquid
  • 1 lid
  • A tap to drain liquid
  • 1 block of coir (bedding)
  • 250g of worm food
  • 500g of composting worms (around 750 worms on average)
  • Full instructions to get you going

Happy worms

The worms you receive with the Wormcity Wormery 75 Litre are a mixture of Red / Tiger Worms (Eisenia andrei / fetida) and Dendrobaena Worms (Eisenia hortensis). They are surface worms, which means they move from the bottom of your wormery up to the top in search of food; as they move upwards - tray by tray - they leave behind a nutrient-rich compost that you can easily remove for use in your garden.

The trays are not too deep and have a vast surface area to ensure air flows in and around the trays easily, so the worms survive well - this also makes sure there is no compost smell. The sump tray is designed with 'steps' so that if a worm falls downwards instead of moving upwards, it won't drown in liquid, but can climb out to a dry surface.

Available wormery colours

  • Leaf green
  • Black

Dimensions of the wormery trays

  • 43cm wide
  • 43cm long
  • 17cm deep
The Wormcity Wormery 75 Litre is made with recycled protected plastic and designed for the comfort of the worms it houses, but also the convenience of its users. Throw all your kitchen waste, newspapers and cardboard into your wormery and watch your worms get to work. Since composting worms eat half their own body weight every day and multiply at an incredible rate, they can be left to eat and eat whilst you reap the rewards in compost.

Delivery information: Delivery on this product is to mainland UK, excluding the Scottish Highlands, Northern & Southern Ireland, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man & Scottish Islands. If you live in one of these areas then please call us for a quote on delivery - everything is possible, it just may cost more.

  • Manufactured by: Wormcity

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