Puma wind-up flashlight

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The Puma is a compact, rugged, powerful flashlight with an incredibly strong beam. It is charged by winding it up, and uses the latest dynamo technology to charge its internal battery, rather than using old fashioned spring energy storage.

It has 3 selectable modes:
- mode 1: standard power beam
- mode 2: high power beam
- mode 3: high power beam flashing

Through it's small and robust design, the Puma is easy to carry and will fit into any pocket. As a safety precaution we suggest that this is the ideal device to keep tucked away in your car.

Product features:

High brightness: 0,5 W LED, > 150.000 mcd ( 10 lm)
Shine distance: 30 Metres
Wind up for power generation
1 Minute wind gives more than 20 minutes light (standard brightness) or 10 minutes (maximum brightness)
Low winding noise

  • Manufactured by: Powerplus

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