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The Efergy Elite is the replacement for the old Efergy. It has a larger display than the original model, and it is compatible with dual tariffs (such as Economy 7). In common with its ancestor, the Efergy Elite shows you how much electricity is being used at a given moment in time, the total amount of money being spent on electricity, and your carbon footprint.

An updated wireless electricity monitor

The makers of the Efergy Elite claim it is possible to save up to 20% off your electricity bill through greater awareness of your usage and this is probably true. There is no doubt that understanding where you are using electricity does cause you to change your pattern of consumption. The Efergy Elite shows you via its clear and simple graphical display how much electricity you are using and what your daily average has been. The memory built into this model means that it can show you your historic usage on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and this can be in KwH, cost, or CO2 emission.

The greatest benefit of an energy meter is the ability to show the difference in electricity consumption by turning on and off various appliances. We suggest that the first thing to do in a quiet moment is it install the Efergy Elite and then turn off everything in your home. You will probably be surprised by the amount of electricity being consumed by appliances you either forgot (the fridge perhaps) or have never directly turned off (for example the boiler).Walk around the house carrying the display of the Efergy Elite and see how the consumption (and cost) increases as you switch your appliances back on, one by one.

To use, clip the sensor around the electricity meter's live feed wire, where it measures the total electrical power entering the home/office. A signal is then transmitted to the wireless display, where it shows how much power is being consumed. Set up the cost of your electricity (the use of dual tariffs such as Economy 7 is accommodated) and use for remote real time monitoring of domestic, commercial and industrial electricity supplies.

Model: Efergy Elite
Frequency: 433.52MHz
Transmission Time: 6s, 12s, or 18s
Transmission Range: 40m-70m
Sensor Voltage Range: 110V-300V
Measuring Current: 50mA - 95A
Accuracy: <8%
Memory: 64K
Sensor: 140Amp

Note that this model does NOT have a USB port.

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  • Manufactured by: Efergy