Gardman 4 Tier Growhouse Replacement Reinforced Cover


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This clear, plastic cover is built with reinforced material to cover the 4 Tier Growhouse framework, which is great for growing plants in your back garden or any other urban space like a balcony. This plastic cover zips up and folds open so that you can check on your plants easily to see how they're growing in your greenhouse.

Greenhouse size

This cover is for the 4 Tier Growhouse, which is:
  • 5' 3" (1.6 metres) high
  • 2' 3" (0.69 metres) wide
  • 1' 6" (0.49 metres) deep

Easy to set up

Simply insert the steel tubes of the 4 Tier Growhouse inside the plastic sleeves of the cover and your greenhouse is complete. Clear material for the cover is perfect for germinating seeds and shoots, trapping heat within the plastic structure to aid their growth. Should the weather be unpredictable it's also a great place to protect any fragile plants or flowers.

Access to your plants

The 4 Tier Growhouse cover is fitted with a zip that makes it quick and easy to open the front. The door can be folded up quickly by rolling and securing it - out of the way for you to put some flower pots in and plant your seeds.

Whatever seeds you want to grow or shoots you wish to protect, this reinforced, extra durable cover for the 4 Tier Growhouse will protect your plants outdoors.

Code: 08717

  • Manufactured by: Gardman

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