Stackable Cake and Biscuit Tins


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This elegant pair of cake and biscuit tins compliment any kitchen. They both have clear labeling, a glossy finish and are a soft clay colour. The cake tin has a flat top allowing you to store the charming biscuit tin on top of it. The biscuit tin has a handle on top to open the container easily.

Keep cakes and biscuits fresh

A lot of effort and attention goes in to baking the perfect cake. Whether you prefer chocolate cake, ginger cake or sponge cake, the last thing you want to happen is for it to go stale before you've enjoyed every mouthful. These cake and biscuit tins have air tight lid seals to make sure your food stays fresh until you finish it.

Biscuit tin with handle

The biscuit tin dimensions are:
  • 12cm high
  • 13cm diameter
Save yourself wrestling with fiddly biscuit packets and seal them tightly in this stylish tin to keep them fresh for when you have guests. The handle on top of this biscuit tin makes it far easier to get in to this tin than it is an old chocolate box tin when you've got the munchies.

Cake tins

The cake tin dimensions are:
  • 13cm high
  • 26cm diameter
This is a really good size for a cake tin and it's not only practical, but elegant too. The clay colour fits well in to any kitchen and with a decorative label it won't get used for storing sticky tape, plastic lids and all the loose ends that get stored in kitchen cupboards or any available container.

This cake and biscuit tins gift set is stylish and practical, they're a great gift for anyone who bakes, they'll please foodies and they make an ideal housewarming gift since the subtle clay colour fits with most interiors.

  • Manufactured by: Garden Trading