Parsley Seeds with Cream Pot


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Growing your own herbs not only offers a great sense of achievement and the convenience of not having to go to the shops, but home grown herbs are fresher, cheaper and producing them yourself also helps the environment. The parsley seeds come with a cream herb pot in a saucer.

Growing herbs indoors

It doesn't matter if you live in a mansion or a bedsit, you can grow your parsley seeds easily indoors in the provided pot with saucer. The herb pot takes up little room, but offers lots of culinary delight. What you do need to be aware of is that parsley is a slow grower, so you may wait a few months before seeing shoots - be patient! Parsley is also a biennial herb, which means it will only bloom twice in two years before you need to re-plant.

Cooking with parsley

Parsley is a fantastic garnish for many dishes and when chewed on, is a good disguise for the smell of garlic. It's particularly useful to vegans who might choose parsley as a flavorsome ingredient in chickpea dishes and falafel. Parsley sauce is also a well-known, great British favourite, but when you grow your own herbs you're free to experiment with your own dishes and sauces in your own kitchen.

Give the gift of a herb

If growing herbs isn't your thing or you have a big enough supply already, this large herb pot with saucer complete with parsley seeds makes a great gift for any cook or gardener, and also a unique housewarming gift. Grow Your Own parsley is also a great introduction to herbs and cooking - perfect for students moving out of home for the first time or for younger kids with green fingers.

Neatly packaged, brightly coloured and subtle in design, this popular herb can be grown in the supplied pot indoors or outdoors. Everything you need to grow your own herbs is here at your green fingertips.

  • Manufactured by: Garden Trading