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There's a new kid on the block when it comes to mainstream recycling and it's the food waste kitchen caddy. Most consumers are now recycling packaging and products they buy, but how many of you are still scraping peelings and leftover food in to your ordinary rubbish bin? Food waste recycling is being taken up more and more and soon we'll all be doing it, so why not get started straight away.

Food preparation

It's probably fair to say that we all hate throwing away food, but sometimes it's just not possible to use every morsel of the food you prepare or cook. Greens are good for us, but there's always a stork or a bad spot we need to remove before cooking. Chopped carrots are great with dips, but they're not quite so good with the peel in tact. All these shavings from pre-cooking and any other organic materials you might usually throw away can go in to your Kitchen Caddy for recycling. If you're lucky enough to get fresh flowers delivered to your door, these can also go in when they wilt.

Food leftovers

Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our appetite and we just can't finish the food on our plates. You can recycle these leftovers too by scraping them into your kitchen recycling caddy. This compact and convenient food recycling bin is wide, so it's long enough to catch falling food when you're ready to clear your dishes and scrape in any organic waste for recycling. It holds 5 litres of food waste, which is enough to fulfill your food recycling needs whilst at the same time being small enough to fit into your kitchen without being an eyesore.

Odour free

The last thing you want at a dinner party is the smell of last night's supper, so the Kitchen Caddy has a tight fitting lid to make sure odours from food waste do not escape in to your kitchen. The Kitchen Caddy is made from recycled plastic and is smooth inside to make sure food is not able to become trapped - it's extremely easy to clean. For extra freshness you can use food waste liner bags inside your Kitchen Caddy or simply empty the waste in to your compost bin outside. This food waste bin is designed well at the base allowing you to grip it for easy emptying.


The 5 litre Kitchen Caddy comes in an unobtrusive silver or green colour and the dimensions are:
  • 205mm in height
  • 250mm in width
  • 205mm in depth
The food waste recycling Kitchen Caddy has a handle for easy transportation in and out of your home - emptying its contents in to a home composter or taking the contents in a liner bag to your local recycling centre. Next time you're preparing or clearing away food, consider this handy little food bin and waste no more.

  • Manufactured by: Straight