Bulbs & Seeds Box



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Keep your bulbs and seeds in safe storage, protected from effects of the weather and from rodents and insects. This bulbs and seeds box is made of steel and coated in a suave coffee bean colour. Not only is it practical, it also looks great with clear labeling and a retro design.

Storing seeds and bulbs

Bulbs and seeds must be stored in a dry place that is dark and cool, making this bulbs and seeds box perfect for the job. There are other important factors when storing bulbs for successful flowering and growth:
  • Dry out your bulbs on a tray for at least 24 hours before you put them in the bulbs and seeds box for safe storage
  • You should brush your bulbs with sulphur, which you can get from garden centres. Only a gentle coating is needed, but sulphur helps to prevent rot.


If you have a small, personal supply for your own garden, place them all in one bulbs and seeds box, but make sure you put different bulbs and seeds in different envelopes or nets and label them, so you know exactly what you have when you come to use them.

Gardening gift

Fill this retro box with seasonal bulbs and seeds for a complete and considerate gift for any gardener.

With a retro style, clear labeling and coated steel, this bulbs and seeds box will assist with healthy growth of your bulbs and seeds. Seek advice from your garden centre if you have a selection of bulbs and seeds to make sure each is individually packaged appropriately for storage in the bulbs and seeds box.


  • 11cm high
  • 24cm wide
  • 18.5cm deep

  • Manufactured by: Garden Trading