Hidcote Twine Holder with Cutter


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This handy twine cutter sticks neatly in the ground close by where you're working, holds your ball of twine and also has a cutter across the top. All your tools on one handy stick. Forget rummaging around in the garden shed or the kitchen draw. No more finding the twine and then realising that you can't find the scissors.

Climbing plants

There are many reasons for using climbing plants, whether it's to hide an unsightly wall, disguise the smell of a bin area with a fresh-smelling honeysuckle, or to simply add height to your garden - they're a great addition.

From roses to jasmine, sweat peas to ivy, all of these climbing plants need a trellis support of some description that sits flat behind them. To make sure your plants grow upwards and not outwards, garden twine is needed to secure your plants to the trellis. Keep tying them up as they grow until they reach your desired height.


The Hidcote twine cutter stands 80cm tall and comes with 20 metres of string - more than enough to get you started. Simply prod the pointed edge of the wooden twine cutter into the ground where you're working in the garden, unwind the twine as and when you need it to secure your plant to its trellis support - when you have the right length, cut the string using the top of the twine cutter. No fuss! No mess! Securing your plants couldn't be easier.

Pot plants

You can also grow some climbing plants in pots by planting a small trellis in the pot of soil. In the same way, use the twine cutter to tie string around your plant and trellis, leaving you with a beautiful display on a smaller scale.

Whatever climbing plants you're tying up with string, the twine cutter has all the tools you need on one portable stick, saving you time and money. All you ever need to replace is the ball of string.

  • Manufactured by: Garden Trading