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Most of us are recycling more these days. What with all the tinned food, papers, cans of drink we consume and excess packaging provided around our shopping, we need more containers to put our recycling in ready for kerbside collection or to transport waste to recycling centres. These recycling boxes come in two different sizes and colours depending on your needs and they're supplied with lids. To further secure your recycled waste we also offer a net to cover your boxes (select at the bottom of this page).

Recycled plastic

The kerbside recycling containers are made from recycled plastic, so whilst you do your bit for the environment our manufacturers are doing theirs.

Indoors and out

In green and blue these kerbside containers look good inside the home as bottles, newspapers, and tins are thrown inside for storage. They're easy to clean once they've been outside and the smooth interior and shape of the boxes helps prevent particles of waste from becoming lodged inside the container, so they're good for cleanliness too.


Available in two sizes as containers for recyclable waste:

40 litres

  • 12 inches in height
  • 22 inches in width
  • 17 inches in depth

55 litres

  • 14 inches in height
  • 22 inches in width
  • 17 inches in depth


Both sizes of kerbside boxe are supplied with secure lids, but should you lose the lid or simply want to ensure your waste doesn't go rolling down the street in especially windy weather we also offer a stretchable net that covers the top of the box and secures round the side. The net fits both the 40 and 55 litre kerbside recycling boxes.

If you've yet to start recycling or you want to do more to reduce your carbon footprint, these attractive and durable kerbside recycling boxes with lids and optional net secure your waste ready for collection or prove a handy tool on any trip to the recycling depot.

  • Manufactured by: Straight