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The Enistic Energy Explorer Kit is a simple, wireless energy auditing system that gives detailed information of energy consumption across your buildings or departments.

"How much energy do my photocopiers use?" "How much do my computers cost to run?"

Answering these questions is notoriously difficult, but Enistic's system allows usage to be displayed either by device, person, department or by building - giving you the knowledge you need to identify the energy hogs within your organisation.

The Energy Explorer Kit works with all office based IT equipment, such as desktop PCs, photocopiers, vending machines, printers, audio / visual equipment, televisions, plasma screens and servers. Data from each appliance is collected every 10 seconds to ensure accuracy, and can be viewed either online or with the included Enistic Energy Manager Lite software package.

Simple but very Clever

  • A simple, wireless energy auditing system that can be accessed from your desktop or online
  • Clear and detailed visual representations of energy usage help you see where changes can be made
  • Works out of the box - no complicated installation
  • Easy to extend by adding more Smart Sockets or other items in the Enistic Energy Monitor range
  • Ideal for use in the home, business or education
Auditing in this way is one of the best methods of increasing energy awareness among both your pupils and staff members, giving them a greater sense of responsibility and ownership and helping you with the important process of bringing about behavioural change.

How does it work?

Enistic Explorer Kit

1. Plug in the Enistic Smart Strip (supplied)
2. Plug in the devices you'd like to monitor
3. Start the Enistic Energy Manager Lite application, or visit www.enistic.com
4. Monitor and manage your energy consumption!
5. Download the Quick Start Guide here.

Use in the classroom

Enistic Explorer for real time energy monitoring

This system isn't just about saving money - it can also help engage pupils with ideas about energy usage and the environment. With its clear, concise graphics and near-instant data retrieval, the Enistic Energy Manager can be a fun and stimulating tool in the classroom as part of science practical lessons.

By asking questions like 'How much energy does this computer use?', students can use data collected through the Energy Manager to learn about how energy is consumed, and explore ideas on how they can create a greener, healthier school.

Kit Contents

1 x Smart Socket (5 way)
1 x USB Zone Controller
1 x Enistic Energy Manager Desktop Edition
1 x 30 day trial of Enistic Energy Manager Online


All data used by the Energy Manger is securely encrypted using a 128 bit encryption algorithm - the same that is used to protect credit cards online.

All communication between the Smart Strips and other products in the Enistic range are encrypted

  • Manufactured by: Enistic