Anklelite / Armlite Safety Light



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The Pedalite Anklelite, is a solar-powered warning light that doesn't require batteries. It gives you a high degree of light visibility to others. It's not just for cyclists because this warning flashlight can be worn on the ankle or the arm, so it's suitable for cyclists, horse-riders and joggers or in fact anyone leaving home in the dark - perhaps school children, or those going outside at night.

Being visible

Most road accidents involving cyclists happen at road junctions where the cyclist can't be seen from the side. The Anklelite solar-powered flash light is designed with a V-shape in the lens that allows light to shine just as brightly out of the side of the light as it does the front. This means you can be seen from more angles and this flashlight gives either constant or flashing light - you set the mode you want to use. Not only that, but the reflective straps are also high-visibility.

A comfortable fit

The Pedalite Anklelite fits round the ankle, with or without trousers for cyclists and runners, but also comfortably around boots for horse-riders. The solar-powered light has a fully-adjustable Velcro strap. It also fits around the upper or lower arm if you're walking or jogging, or if a parent wishes to fit a light to their child to keep them safe in the dark or at dusk. This flashlight could come in handy for just about any sports person, active outdoors and for shorter journeys outside.

Solar charging doesn't mean only the sun

You can charge your Pedalite Anklelite in the sun or for the dark winter months it will charge under artificial light too. Once your flashlight is fully charged it emits a highly visible light for six hours or more when set to flashing light mode. Six hours of charging the flashlight under direct sunlight will produce six hours of solar-powered light from the flashlight. Artificial light, being of a lesser quality of light than direct sun light will take more hours to fully charge the flashlight.

No batteries and no weight

The Anklelite flashlight weights little more than a box of matches at only 85 grams. Being solar-powered, it also requires no stock of batteries and this helps you to reduce your waste and your carbon footprint.

  • Anklelite is resistant to wind and rain
  • Robust flashlight design to brace against impact
  • Solar-powered and eco friendly
  • Packaging for flashlight made from recycled cardboard

  • Manufactured by: Pedalite