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Smart Log Holder: the easiest way to cut wood into manageable pieces is to get someone else to do it - is that right? Not any more, that was before the Smart Log Holder came along. Now it's safe and easy to cut up long pieces of wood into logs of firewood yourself. Packaged ready to use and easy to assemble in a matter of seconds, the Smart Log Holder wood cutting aid has a unique jaw that firmly grips logs, holding wood horizontal and off the ground ready for you to cut through it, piece by piece and at a fast pace.

Smart Log Holder - Safety first

If you've ever cut wood without the Smart Log Holder you'll know your chainsaw can get caught in the dirt if the wood is near the ground. This is hazardous, but also hurts your back if you have to bend down with a heavy saw. You might need to ask for help or rely on a sawing table, but neither of these methods of wood cutting are convenient or without their problems or dangers. Wood cutting accidents happen very easily and the Smart Log Holder helps you avoid them altogether by holding the wood firmly for you.

With the Smart Log holder, the log is raised to waist height, so you don't have to bend down with a chainsaw, allowing you to cut quickly and easily through the exposed wood and from a good distance.View a video of the Smart Log Holder in action here.

Cutting wood

The Smart Log Holder handles wood between 1-9 inches in diameter. Simply push your piece of wood through the swinging jaw of the Smart Log holder and push the length of wood down. This clamps the wood in between the teeth of the jaw, holding the wood still and ready for log cutting, which you can do single-handedly with the help of the Smart Log Holder. The jaw of the Smart Log Holder is patented and therefore unique. It's also fully adjustable to accommodate the size of your piece of wood without losing grip.

Risking injury and exhaustion with a sawing table or other unsuitable method of cutting wood is no longer required if you have the Smart Log Holder. The Smart Log Holder works particularly well with the Smart Log Splitter, found here.

Smart Log Holder: Dimensions

  • Holds timber with diameters from 1 inch to 9 inches (2.5-23cm) and virtually any length
  • Weighs only 27 pounds (12kg)
  • Measures 47 inches (118cm) long
  • When assembled the Smart Holder is 38 inches (95cm) high and 15 inches (38cm) wide
  • When folded the Smart Holder decreases down to only 2 inches high and 15 inches wide
  • Folds flat for easy storage


The Smart Log Holder is a relatively large and heavy parcel so it will be sent by courier or Parcel Force. This means that deliveries to the Highlands of Scotland or any offshore location will incur an additional charge. If you would like delivery to the Highlands or Islands please call us before ordering and we can quote you the additional delivery charge.

  • Manufactured by: Agma

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