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Save money off your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint with the Desktop Computer Intelliplug. This eco-friendly plug automatically switches off all computer peripherals at the mains when you leave your computer on standby.

Say Goodbye to Standby

The Intelliplug automatically switches off peripheral computer equipment, such as the monitor, printer, scanner, and speakers, when the computer is not in use. This includes both when you switch the computer off and when the computer goes into standby mode.

You can leave your computer during your lunchbreak; when your computer goes into standby mode, the monitor, the printer and the speakers will switch off at the mains. When you return to your work, they'll all automatically switch back on.

The Intelliplug is easy to set up "" simply plug it in. It uses auto-calibration to work out your computer's individual energy modes. This means it always knows when your computer is on standby, and powers down peripheral equipment at the right time, every time.

With a five second reaction time, you won't be left waiting around for your equipment to power up.

Slash your energy bills

A computer plug with an automatic power switch means no more wasted power.

Computer equipment left on standby uses an average of 35 watts of energy per hour, costing your money and increasing your carbon footprint. The Intelliplug uses just 0.4 watts per hour.

Saving every possible watt of energy is becoming increasingly important in the fight against global warming, and as energy bills rise. Recent research by price comparison site found energy bills have doubled in the last five years.

Half a million Intelliplugs and Intellipanels have already been sold, saving an estimated 23 million tonnes of carbon emissions.

Give Your Computer a Longer Life

Using the Desktop Intelliplug will prolong the life of your computer equipment. Research shows that leaving computer equipment on standby reduces equipment lifespan by an average of 15%, as well as creating an unnecessary fire risk.

In addition, the Intelliplug automatically works out the optimum amount of power to send to your computer equipment to create the least amount of circuit stress. This lengthens the life of components, making your computer less likely to break down.

Built-in surge protection protects your computer against power surges and spikes. The Intelliplug includes a thermal fuse to protect against catastrophic power spikes.

Keeping your computer in tip-top condition is good for the environment. The longer a computer lasts, the longer it stays out of landfill.

Works with Standard Cables

The Desktop Computer Intelliplug has three sockets and is designed for use in conjunction with standard extension cables

Please note: the Desktop Computer Intelliplug is not suitable for use with laptop computers. If you have a laptop computer, see the Laptop Computer Intellipanel.

Technical Specifications

  • Manufactured and Developed by: OneClick Technologies
  • Expected Lifespan: 15 years. Includes 1 year warranty against faulty workmanship
  • Recommended by Energy Saving Trust
  • Tested to British Standards; RoHS compliant
  • Includes 3 sockets "" Master (for computer) and 2 peripheral sockets
  • Total Maximum Output: 13 Amps


My Desktop IntelliPlug; doesn't seem to be working?
We have found on numerous occasions (and we include ourselves in this) that the labyrinth of cables we hide behind our computers can get a bit muddled up. It is very important that the computer (not the monitor) is plugged into the mains socket, so it might be worth checking that before we go any further! You might want to check the Desktop Computer configuration instructions again. Please ensure all of the connected plugs/extensions are seated properly, if they aren "TMt pushed all the way in they may not be connecting correctly.

My peripherals do not switch off when my PC goes into standby mode!
Some PCs use as much power when in S1 standby mode as in normal operating mode. Please try setting standby mode to S3 mode in your BIOS or making sure you turn your PC off fully.

Why are my peripherals switching on and off intermittently?
In order to fully calibrate the Desktop IntelliPlug „ C you may need to switch off your computer after you have switched it on for the first time. The IntelliPlug „ C uses something called Auto Calibration. In order for this to work properly your computer must go through an on and off cycle. The IntelliPlug „ C will then learn to adapt to your computers "TM unique patterns of energy consumption. You might want to see the Re-set instructions again.

Can I use my Desktop Computer with a Laptop IntelliPlug „ C ?
We do not recommend it because the Desktop IntelliPlug „ C works by sensing the current used by the Master Device. Batteries inside laptops often use more power during the charging cycle than when in active use, this confuses the Auto Calibration technology. The only time a Desktop IntelliPlug „ C should be used with a laptop is when the internal battery has been removed, however we recommend using USB105.

Can I use my TV/Audio Visual system with the Desktop IntelliPlug „ C ?
Yes, you may want to check the TV/AV configuration instructions. You can use a Television or Audio Visual amplifier as the Master Device. However, the Master Socket on the Desktop IntelliPlug „ C is permanently powered, this means only your peripheral equipment will be switched off. The best product for you in this instance is the TVA105. This IntelliPlug „ C will enable you to switch off your peripherals and your Master Device.

Does the Desktop IntelliPlug „ C switch power off to my computer?
No, the computer will be permanently powered. Modern computers use a tiny amount of electricity in standby (normally less than 1 watt). Collectively, however, peripheral equipment is responsible for lots of wasted electricity. Primarily because peripheral devices are never switched off. If you would like to switch your computer off completely you may use our TVAIMP205 in computer configuration mode. To see how much energy your peripherals might be wasting visit our research page.

Does switching my Computer and peripherals on and off reduce the lifespan of the system?
No. Things have moved on in leaps and bounds since the old days and the performance of modern electrical components is no longer compromised by turning appliances on and off (so we don "TMt have an excuse for not doing it!).

The Desktop IntelliPlug „ C switches power on and off after a delay of a few seconds, is this normal?
Absolutely, we called it the IntelliPlug „ C for a reason, it will only allow power to be sent to your equipment once it has ensured that power really is required. It does this by continuously measuring the flow of electricity actually being used so it "TMs nothing to worry about!

Does the IntelliPlug „ C have surge protection?
Yes, it has surge protection for the Master Device and all peripherals.

What is the life expectancy of the Desktop IntelliPlug „ C ?
We "TMre big believers in producing quality innovations and we think selling poor quality products to our customers is unacceptable. We have designed the IntelliPlug „ C to last for more than 1 million cycles, that "TMs down to hard wearing parts and technical innovation. You can use the Desktop IntelliPlug „ C more than 180 times a day and it should still work for more than 15 years. It will pay for itself many times over and we think that "TMs only fair! Even our original panel is still working after 18 years and you can imagine how much we "TMve put that through!

Can the Desktop IntelliPlug „ C damage my equipment?
No. We wouldn "TMt supply you with a product that we weren "TMt 100% happy with. The OneClick products can actually help your equipment last longer, by reducing stress to the components when you switch the peripherals on and off. This is down to our patented Zero Crossing Detection.

If I use some of the power saving options on my computer, such as Hibernation Mode, how will the Desktop IntelliPlug „ C react?
All OneClick devices automatically detect the low power state and so shut down all peripherals connected to the panel. As soon as you re-activate the computer your peripherals will automatically come to life. You won "TMt have to lift a finger!

One of my peripherals switches off but does not switch back on, why is this?
In very few instances, some peripherals have soft switches, which automatically default to "˜off "TM in the event of a power cut. We "TMre sorry but in this instance you will have to manually switch the power on to this device. (The IntelliPlug „ C is clever but we haven "TMt found a way for it to physically turn things on yet "¦but we are working on it!)

Do I need a separate remote control to operate the Desktop IntelliPlug „ C ?
No. We don "TMt believe in wasting money and resources so we designed the IntelliPlug „ C to detect the fall in current when you switch your Master device off, only then, will the IntelliPlug „ C power down your peripherals automatically.

I have more than two peripheral devices that I need to plug into the Desktop IntelliPlug „ C , how do I achieve this?
All you need to do is use the IntelliPlug „ C in conjunction with a trailing socket or adaptor (the ones we all have lying around the house). We have tried to make our products as versatile and as adaptable as possible, by using the IntelliPlug „ C in this way you won "TMt have wasted any money on those trailing sockets/adaptors and you "TMre saving electricity. There "TMs no need to worry about safety, our products are designed to meet British Standards, which means that they are entirely safe to use in this manner. Doesn "TMt that feel good?

Can I plug more than 1 device into the Master Socket?
We do not advise plugging more than one device into the Master Socket as this may confuse the Auto Calibration system. OneClick is currently developing an IntelliPlug „ C with two Master sockets. We hope to launch this in the future so please keep checking our website for news.

I have a USB Hub with LED "TMs which is powered by the Desktop IntelliPlug „ C . When I switch off the computer the LED "TMs on my mouse, keyboard and USB Hub stay on. Why?
The mouse, keyboard and USB Hub are connected to the USB socket of the computer. These sockets are permanently powered and so may cause the LED "TMs to illuminate, it "TMs nothing to worry about.

  • Manufactured by: Oneclick