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Vegetables in the patio container garden have been specially selected because they thrive in pots, containers, or growbags.  This makes it ideal if your garden is paved, or if you'd prefer not to dig up grass to grow vegetables. Vegetable plants included with the patio container garden are simple to grow and require no gardening experience.  If you're unsure about any aspect of vegetable growing, free guidance is available online at the Rocket Gardens website.

Your vegetables will delivered as baby plants that can be planted almost immediately.  Because they're established and around 10cm tall, it's easy to pick out any weeds that shoot up around your baby plants. When your vegetables are ready for harvest, you'll be able to conjure fresh dishes in your kitchen with produce picked from your garden that day. You'll be amazed at how much food you harvest "" you'll save up to £300 from this garden compared to buying organic produce from a supermarket.

The patio container garden includes the following organic baby plants. 

  • Tomatoes x 5
  • Courgettes x 4
  • Mixed lettuce x 30
  • Dwarf French Green Beans x 10
  • Runner beans x 5
  • Mizuna x 20
  • Rainbow Chard x 5
  • Rocket x 20
  • Garden peas x 12
  • Strawberries x 6
  • Spinach x 10

A Brilliant Gift

Garden vouchers are available for order all year round "" so you can give the patio container garden as a gift at any time of year.  The patio container garden makes a perfect birthday, Christmas, or wedding gift for anyone who likes good food, gardening, or who cares about the environment.

Eco-Friendly Food

All plants are seasonally and organically grown in Cornwall according to strict Soil Association standards.  No artificial heat, chemical pesticides, fertilisers, or sprays are used in growing.

No plastics or non-compostable packaging will be included with your patio container garden.  The vegetables you grow will of course have no packaging "" a huge environmental benefit considering that two thirds of household waste in the UK is packaging.

Why is organic, home-grown food good for you?

Organic food grown in your own garden is the healthiest and most environmentally-friendly food you can get.  Home grown organic veg has zero food miles, and is not laced with chemical pesticides and fertiliser.  

Vegetables picked and eaten when they're fully ripe contain the maximum possible amount of nutrients and have a superior taste.  Supermarket suppliers harvest vegetables pre-ripe, and there can be days or weeks between when the vegetables are harvested and when you eat them.  Every day between harvesting and cooking, valuable nutrients and taste are lost.

Important Delivery and Order Information

Baby plants for the patio container garden are grown without artificial heat and within the seasons.  When you order your patio container garden, you will receive a garden voucher.  If you redeem your voucher between 1 April and 1 August, your plants will be delivered for autumn harvest.  For vouchers redeemed after 1 August, plants will be delivered in the following spring.

Vouchers can be redeemed online, or via freepost. Plants are dispatched on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner you redeem your voucher, the sooner you will receive your plants the following spring.

Next delivery: Up to August 1st, 2010 and then again from Spring 2011.

The courier delivering your garden does not require a signature, so you will not have to wait at home for it to be delivered.

There are postal surcharges for garden deliveries to the Isle of Man, the Isles of Scilly, Ireland, the Isle of Wight, the Channel Islands, and the Scottish Highlands and islands. Call us for a price to these areas - anything is possible, it just may cost more.
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